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Reminder - Our first McBeck-A-Thon!

Take part in our first "Mcbeck-A-Thon" at mcbeckchallenge!

mcbeckchallenge reminder 01

Send in your prompts latest July, 14th to sammy_kay2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Note what you would like to receive (give a prompt, eg. consisting of a word or a point of departure).

Tell what you would do in return, eg. rating and kinks-wise - and what prompts you don't want to work on (eg. various kinks).

sammy38 will match the prompts and send back your prompt by the end of July.

You have 4 months to be creative, to write a fic or to create a drawing or fanvid.


Then send in your prompt today! Spread the geeklove!

Still critical? Then contact the mods and pepper us with your questions!

Oh - and we still have the first challenge running - "At first sight". Entries can be posted until the end of July! We're looking for many, many romantic, funny, thrilling, erotic and angsty drabbles, ficlets, vignettes and pieces of art.
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