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Stargate Atlantis RPG is looking for players

Join the Atlantis expedition!

You've watched the show, discussed it with friends and read the fanfiction?
But you still want more?

Then join our RPG!



After arriving in the Pegasus galaxy, the Atlantis expedition members' high hopes are soon deflated. Back-stabbed by Wraith worshippers, they're not only cut off from supplies but also likely bereft of the chance to go back to Earth, as their only chance to escape was to use the spacedrive. Two-thirds of the original expedition-- scientists and military personnel-- were killed, culled or lost on Lantea during the attack.

Now the city/spaceship is stranded on a planet somewhere far away from Lantea.

We're currently looking for these canon characters:

Teyla Emmagan

Dr. Pat Biro
(Episodes "Hot Zone", "Conversion" and "Sunday")

Dr. Ben Collins (Engineer)
(Episode "Trinity")

Dr. Katie Brown

Dr. Joanne Simpson
(Episode "38 Minutes")

Dr. Brendan Gall
(Episode "The Defiant One")

Lt. Aiden Ford

Lt. Marc Bates

Lt. Laura Cadman

Useful links:

The Game Rules Requirements Ressources

The Game Scenario The Game Com The Out Of Character Com

Expedition Members Explore Peacefully Join The Forces

Go Native Friends And Allies Foes And Villains

If you want to join the game,
please contact the mods
and read the info for applicants

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