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SGA AU Where The Powers That Be Didn't F- Up
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This is the comm for all those AUs set in the show that TPTB didn't f*ck up. You know-- the one where Elizabeth Weir actually is a skilled diplomat, where they don't kill off or screw up beloved characters because they think it adds drama or because the writers are incapable of being creative with the direction they're headed and must "take the show in a new direction"? In other words, the show where TPTB aren't absolute morons when it comes to what the actual fans who put the meat on their table actually want and don't consider us all "shrill lemmings" for liking a character and wanting him to stay on our show-- for wanting it to be our show.

General guidelines:

More or less canon, without the fuckups. This isn't a shared AU, so bring your own stories and ideas. The community isn't really for the crackfic type AUs, so please no shapeshifting canon characters unless they're Ancients and could reasonably be expected to, and all the rest of those crackfic tropes. Aside from that, fix any fuckup you like. Somebody here will love you for it.

Please place any spoilers behind cut tags!

So, come join us and write lovely fic and we'll pretend those silly creatures hampered by their Y chromosomes haven't committed Teh Stupid with our show.